Hydraulic bending machine with 4 rolls: QI SERIES

These machines represent the most advanced technical solution, with regard to the cold bending of metal sheets, since they guarantee a minimum initial flat end. They are particularly appropriate for mass production which can be further improved with to feeding follow-up links, central and side supports and the addition of a C.N. computer.

Every moving part is lubricated and mounted on bearings, which have a high dynamic thrust and a low friction coefficient. This ensures better efficiency and a resulting reduction of the power installed. The metal sheet is pinched constantly throughout the manufacturing thanks to the pinch roll.

The top roll is fixed, while the side rolls and the pinch roll move on linear guides. In order to extract the final piece, the top roll can be released and lifted thanks to manual hydraulic lever distributors. The side roll – the one opposite to the point of insertion of the metal sheet- can be used to align the metal sheet more precisely. These machines enable the bending of metal sheets whose thickness goes from 1 to 29 mm and whose width goes from 1000 to 4000 mm.

The basic machine can be equipped, furthermore, with:

  • Release and lifting of the top roll controlled from the control panel
  • Induction hardened rolls
  • Cone bending attachment
  • Electronic digital display for the bending rolls +electronic positioning┬ádevice
  • Electronic digital display for the lower central roller
  • Interchangeable top roll
  • Variable speed of rotation
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